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Press release: The European Metadata Group (TEMDG) launches TV Metadata Visuals Initiative

Paris, April 23rd 2018 – The European Metadata Group, representing the leading suppliers of metadata and editorial services for the entertainment industry in Europe, is pleased to announce the TV Metadata Visuals Initiative to focus on optimizing workflows between broadcasters and operators when it comes to visuals:

  • photos, illustrating TV emissions,
  • channel logos,
  • sports leagues and team logos,
  • kids heroes/characters

At the latest General Assembly of the The European Metadata Group held at Plurimedia headoffices in Paris, the 14 members were gathered to discuss and find solutions regarding the most actual topics in the industry around metadata.

Subjects of several workshops during a two day program were: how to optimise the customer experience by an integrated approach of User Interface (UI) and metadata; picture coverage and how to organize photo and visuals workflows; the advantage of Artificial Intelligence to get high quality enriched metadata; the need of good quality metadata for Chatbot development and functionality (case) etc.

Latest generation operator user experience is strongly relying on a broad offering of visuals. It has become very challenging to present the richness of TV programs with varied and high quality visuals in lots of different formats and sizes in order, for the operators, to create the best content discovery experience for the end user. A special task group, including TEMDG members, will investigate options to offer the best solutions to supply quality TV metadata visuals.

In the coming months this TV Metadata Visuals Initiative will invest in research and it is expected that in Q3 2018 the Group is able to publish their first results and action plan.

About TEMDG The European Metadata Group

The purpose of the group is to enable top quality metadata supply to the European entertainment industry, based on strong local expertise throughout Europe. To reach the highest quality metadata possible, the group works on harmonizing technical and editorial standards. TEMDG The European Metadata Group is a group with actually 14 members and was launched at IBC 2016, legally founded in March 2017 and organized as an EEIG European Economic Interest Group, with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Managing directors are Nathalie Cagossi (Plurimedia), Corry Siegers (Bindinc) and Christian Töpper (media press Group, chairman of the management board).

Members of the group are Bindinc (the Netherlands), Mediadata (Spain), media press Group companies from Poland, Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria, as well as media press Baltics (Lithuania/Estonia), and Plurimedia (France). Associate members are Bauer Media Group (Germany), June (Sweden), Mediamétrie (France), NPA Conseil (France), Press Association (UK), and Swisscom (Switzerland),

For further information, contact

Christian Töpper, +48 664 99 18 12, christian.toepper@media-press.tv
Nathalie Cagossi, +33 6 15 37 18 27, ncagossi@plurimedia.fr 
Corry Siegers, +31 6 168 960 36, corry.siegers@bindinc.nl