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Nine new members for The European Metadata Group

Berlin, September 19th 2017 – The European Metadata Group, Europe’s leading TV metadata industry partnership is today delighted to welcome nine major media companies as new members. Swisscom (Switzerland), Press Association (UK), Mediadata (Spain), June (Sweden), Port Network (Hungary) and media press Group companies from Germany, the Baltics and Bulgaria are joining the umbrella body.

They will be teaming up with founding members Bindinc. (the Netherlands), Plurimedia (France) and media press.tv (Poland) to establish higher standards of TV and radio metadata services across Europe.

The European Metadata Group represents leading TV metadata industry players in their respective countries. The new full members of the group are Mediadata (Spain), media press Baltics (Lithuania/Estonia), media press Systems (Germany), Port Network (Hungary), and media press Sofia (Bulgaria).

Press Association, June and Swisscom are joining as associate members, together with other leading industry players to be announced soon.

Pascal Laroche, CEO, Plurimedia, said: “The founders of TEMDG are exceptionally pleased to welcome these market leading new members joining The European Metadata Group. This is the next step in creating a broad representation of European content, standards, and communications concerning TV metadata.”

And the story will go on: “We are heading for further growth to bring a visible set of European values to the European broadcast industry. Working close together with these companies that have a strong knowledge of metadata and how metadata should work, will bring us to next level regarding content discovery”, adds Corry Siegers (Bindinc. Metadata).

Christian Töpper, Chairman of the Management Board of The European Metadata Group, said: “TV discovery needs best of breed TV metadata. Enhanced standards, processes and technologies will bring value to the whole ecosystem. We are working hard to launch operational initiatives within the next weeks.”

About The European Metadata Group
The purpose of the group is to enable top quality metadata supply to the European entertainment industry, based on strong local expertise throughout Europe. TEMDG is organized as a EEIG, European Economic Interest Group, with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Managing directors are Nathalie Cagossi (Plurimedia), Corry Siegers (Bindinc.) and Christian Töpper (media press Group).

For further information, contact:
– Christian Töpper, +48 664 99 18 12, christian.toepper@media-press.tv
– Nathalie Cagossi, +33 6 15 37 18 27, ncagossi@plurimedia.fr
– Corry Siegers, +31 6 16 89 60 36, corry.siegers@bindinc.nl