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Press release: Media Distillery and Spideo – Innovative young enterprises joining TEMDG The European Metadata Group

Berlin, July 4th, 2019

Media Distillery and Spideo – Innovative young enterprises joining TEMDG The European Metadata Group
TEMDG The European Metadata Group, Europe’s leading TV metadata industry partnership, announces the admission of Media Distillery and Spideo as a new associate members.

Together with the founding members Bindinc (the Netherlands), Plurimedia (France) and media press SA (Poland), TEMDG The European Metadata Group now counts 20 members and associate members, representing the leading TV metadata operators and top industry players in the TV Metadata value chain.

Christian Töpper, Chairman of the Management Board TEMDG The European Metadata Group: “TEMDG´s goal is to create communication and to drive innovation within the TV and video metadata industry. With Spideo and Media Distillery on board, we connect young, growing companies to established market leaders. This creates added value to all parties involved.”

Roland Sars, CEO,  Media Distillery: “We are looking forward to starting our partnership with TEMDG. As provider of a unique technology that enables to understand everything inside video and generate enriching advanced metadata, we contribute to taking metadata beyond next generation. And entering The European Metadata Group marks our willingness to collaborate with all the other key players to move forward into the right direction and build up a new eco-system.”

Daniel Mandelbaum, Spideo: “We’re delighted to work hand in hand with all leaders of the metadata community. When it comes to user engagement in the entertainment industry, explanations matter as much as recommendations themselves. This level of transparency can only be achieved with high-quality data and great care in the way personalization is articulated with content metadata.”

About TEMDG The European Metadata Group
The purpose of the Group is to enable top quality metadata supply to the European entertainment industry, based on strong local expertise throughout Europe. To reach the highest quality metadata possible, the Group works on harmonizing technical and editorial workflows and standards. TEMDG The European Metadata Group is organised as an EEIG European Economic Interest Group, with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Managing directors are Nathalie Cagossi (Plurimedia), Corry Siegers (Bindinc) and Christian Töpper (media-press group).

About Media Distillery
Headquartered in Amsterdam, Media Distillery provides Artificial Intelligence technology to understand what’s inside video for global brands, TV and media companies. Our Deep Content Understanding™ solution generates next-generation metadata and enables consumers and media professionals to search and analyse video content in real-time and at unparalleled scale. Since 2014, Media Distillery works with customers around the globe including Telenet, VTR and LexisNexis successfully enriching their user experiences.

About Spideo
Founded in 2010 and headquarted in Paris, Spideo is committed to provide elegant engagement solutions for the Media market and creative industries. We specialize in Personalization with the firm belief that, in the field of recommendations, explanations matter as much as predictions themselves. We reveal the reasoning behind Artificial Intelligence – using semantics and natural language – in order to provide trustworthy and personally relevant suggestions. Spideo’s unique API-based Solutions help content distributors better understand, engage with and monetize users.

For further information, contact
The European Metadata Group: Christian Töpper, +48 664 99 18 12, christian.toepper@media-press.tv